Divine Healing

Through an innovative, specialized, strategic, and grounded structure Divine Healing LLC provides adequate services, resources, tools, and support to clients. Our strong foundation is built on the importance of Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Social Justice. We take a client-centered and community-based approach to support our clients and to make mindfulness a lifestyle. 

The Importance of Mindfulness

Every mindful person makes the world a better place. How so? Mindfulness practices can help you increase your ability to regulate your emotions and feelings while decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. Mindfulness will help you learn to focus your attention on the present moment while observing your emotions, feelings, or bodily sensations without judgment. As a result, it will enhance your happiness, self-love, and self-control. Having this control over your mind, body, and spirit will enhance your well-being. With greater well-being in the world, there is more control over mental health. 

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness increases awareness, focus, compassion, alleviates stress and anxiety, improves cognitive functions, and promotes emotional balance. All of which enhances the mind, body, and spirit. 




“Prosperity is influenced by our ability to be mindful and self-reflect. As a result, our self-awareness allows us to thrive and enhance our overall well-being.”

Tiffany Jones

About our Founder

Tiffany Jones, MSW,  
Supervisee in Social Work, QMHP-C

CEO and Founder of Divine Healing LLC
Member of the Forbes Women Forum

Divine Healing LLC was founded by Tiffany Jones, a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, to enhance the health and well-being of individuals through client-centered and evidence-based approaches. As a Mental Health Survivor, Ms. Jones understands the importance of Mindfulness and how it is applicable to all things in life. As Ms. Jones would say, ”Mindfulness is the first step to Mental Health, and it is imperative to be mindful, to promote positivity and greatness to influence overall healthiness.” 

Ms. Jones has an Associate Degree in General Studies and a Certificate in General Education from Northern Virginia Community College as well as a Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Law, & Society with a minor in Psychology from George Mason University.  She also holds a Master of Social Work from The National Catholic School of Social Service at The Catholic University of America.

Ms. Jones has a passion for and extensive knowledge of seeking Restorative Justice. Some of her greatest accomplishments include being the first Management Analyst to oversee the Marcus Alert System in Arlington County, a Virginia State mandated system that influences a reduction in use of force in law enforcement interactions when an individual is experiencing a behavioral health crisis. In addition, she was the first clinical intern to implement a Case Management Services function at Columbus Community Legal Services, which has provided clinical opportunities for Graduate Social Work students at The Catholic University of America. 

Between Ms. Jones’ experience as a Youth Engagement Counselor at Sasha Bruce Youthwork and a Primary Counselor at National Capital Treatment and Recovery, formerly Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic, she has over seven years of providing community and evidence-based mental health services to adolescents and adults.

With her experience, education, and dedication to clients, Ms. Jones can offer extensive case management services and evidence-based approaches to ensure positive enhancement in the well-being of clients. Ms. Jones has made it her mission to provide clients with positive and uplifting support and services to ensure positive outcomes in life.


Our vision helps us fulfill our mission as our values help carry out our efforts. Our values align with the values of the National Association of Social Workers: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. 

We cherish and respect the value of each client. We provide therapeutic care, support, and services to help our clients live mindful lives while maintaining their well-being and mental health. We uphold our dedication by providing love, support, education, and service while seeking social justice in all that we do. 




Our Community Impacts​

Divine Healing LLC Scholarship Fund

Divine Healing LLC created a scholarship fund to assist children in Grades K-12 with monetary funds to cover some of their educational needs. To honor the late Grandmother of our Founder Ms. Jones, the “Fannie B. McNeill Scholarship Fund” was created to continue the legacy of Mrs. McNeill and her devotion and dedication to her community and others. Multiple scholarships will be rewarded every year before the Fall Academic Year.

All applicants must be in Grades K-12 and registered for school in the Washington Metropolitan School area. Expectations will be provided yearly when the Fall scholarship is announced.

The Fall 2023 Scholarship Recipients have been selected. 

Sharing Knowledge and Encouragement through Pitching

In August 2022, Divine Healing was one of the grant recipients at the Black Business Pitch Competition hosted by the Virginia Black Business Directory (VABBD). Ms. Jones pitched about the origination of Divine Healing, the importance of Mental Health, and how Divine Healing is a tremendous asset to all communities. Ms. Jones was judged by the following amazing talents: Actors Tobias Truvillion and Evan Odeseye, Public Figure Guy Lambert, Media Personality Marie Wright (aka Free), and Professional Health Trainer Kenneth Monsanto. 

In June 2022, Divine Healing won first place in a Professional Pitch Competition for Black Women Entrepreneurs, which was implemented and hosted by Black Women Entrepreneurs’, LaTrese Thomas and Alicia Holiday! Selected as one out of eight finalists, the CEO and Founder, Ms. Jones pitched about the origination of Divine Healing, our mission and values, target audience, and the impact we have made in our community.