Foundation of Services

Client-centered Services

Our services are client-centered to meet your needs through S.M.A.R.T. goals, specialized tools, resources, and services. 

Strong Foundation on Education

Management has extensive education and experience to provide you with quality and efficient services. It is our mission to ensure that our clients are educated on the importance of Mindfulness and Mental Health. 

Self-care Support

Our mission is to ensure that you receive adequate services, products, and tools to enhance your self-care and maintain your mental health. 

Mindfulness Therapy

Process to Receive Sound Mental Health through S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Strength-Based Approaches

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and goals to determine a suitable treatment plan. 

Schedule therapy session(s) based on your needs.

During your therapy session(s), you will receive client-centered and evidence-based services to help you work through identified life stressors and trauma. In addition to learning the mindful tools and approaches needed to live a healthy lifestyle. 

You will reach a revitalized mental, physical, and spiritual state that ensures divine healing through sound mental health. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Process to Receive Sound Mental Health through Grounding Meditation 

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive an intake form to identify the goals for your Mindfulness Meditation session. 

Management will review your intake form and curate a grounding and guided meditation to meet your needs.

A guided meditation will be led by a Mindfulness Practitioner to lead you into the present moment while targeting your identified stressors and goals.

You will learn how to use meditation as a tool to help you stay grounded and utilize it as a coping and maintenance mechanism. You will also learn how meditation can help you live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Case Management Services

All consultations to receive resources on wraparound services are free. Donations to help us fund our Case Management program are welcomed and appreciated. 

Before your scheduled appointment, you will receive a client consent and intake assessment form via email. Both forms should be completed and emailed to management at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. 

During your meeting, you will discuss your specific needs with management to ensure the referred services align with your goals. Management will then implement a treatment plan of applicable services. 

Within 3-5 business days after your meeting, you will receive the contact information of the referred programs or services that apply to your needs. Management will provide you with a referral letter for you to contact the provided services and take the necessary steps to obtain assistance. 

Workshop Services

Our Workshops are curated to help our clients learn and understand the importance of Mindfulness while providing them with the tools and support needed to make the practice a lifestyle. A S.M.A.R.T. goals lesson plan will be created based on the groups’ needs and strength-based approaches, tools, and exercises will be utilized in your Workshop. 

Popular Topics:

How to use Mindfulness in a Workspace

How to Achieve Mindful Parenting

Clip from Virtual Children’s Mindfulness Workshop

How to use Mindfulness in School Settings

Pricing will be based on the location and number of Workshop participants. Pricing will be discussed during consultation. 

Collaborations and Partnerships

babycito- Divine Healing is a trusted provider of babycito, an organization that provides knowledge and resources for expected families to access the services they need.